At Bachrach, we recognize that your children change quickly and that you will likely want a professional photograph of them each year. Capturing these moments annually is very affordable when you join the Bachrach Kids' Club.

This personal portrait history program captures all stages of your child's development. You will receive a genuine leather album, custom engraved with your child's name and date of birth, designed to hold a minimum of sixteen 8x10 portraits in either color or black and white. This album will grow as your child grows. You will build a much cherished memento that will bring pleasure to your family for generations to come.

$495 Membership Fee entitles you to the following:

*First Photo Session and First 8x10 Photograph for your album included in membership fee.

*Fifteen Consecutive 1/2 Price Sittings for your child.

*Slip-In 8x10 Album: A genuine hand-tooled leather bound, custom matted album holding sixteen 8x10 photographs.

*Rewards: With each finished 8x10 portrait ordered, a free duplicate will be made for the album.

*Referrals: Refer others to the Kids' Club and receive a $50.00 credit toward future orders.

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